Thanks to everyone for nearly a decade of BOLO. Our 2015 event was our last. Originally scheduled for October 23-25, 2016 , the conference is cancelled for this and future years. We appreciate your support of BOLO and are saddened that its run has come to an end, but with hundreds of conferences popping up each year the event business is rather untenable for us. After launching as a digital conference nine years ago and evolving to a disruption/innovation conference for agencies, it became apparent the type of event we wanted to put on didn’t have much of a market within the agency space. And that should certainly be a sign for any good marketer. So rather than trying to “re-find” our fit, we’ve decided to find what is next for us. There are many memories we will treasure about BOLO. It has been a true honor meeting the amazing people who own and work for agencies and learning from one another. We certainly hope to maintain the many friendships we have made. Take care. This is not a goodbye from us, just a goodbye to BOLO for agencies. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.